Mitakon Zhongyi 50mm f/0.95 Day 1

I just received the new Mitakon Zhongyi 50mm f/0.95 lens. First of all, the box it is delivered in has a lot of wow factor. Secondly, as soon as you pick up the lens, you know it's not some cheap plastic lens; this lens is built like a tank and is really heavy. In fact, when I used it in my water housing that was previously buoyant with my Sony 28-70mm lens, this 50mm lens would sink the housing. 

This is a completely manual lens and the iris and focus controls are buttery smooth, but a little stiff. I prefer it be a little hard to turn so you don't get the jerkiness that some lenses have. It is a de-clicked aperture ring so it's even more buttery. 

After day 1 with this lens, I can't think of any cons. It's exactly what I expected and more. I used my Sony a7ii in this video to help with the stability. This fast lens coupled with the sony a7s is the low light king. I can't wait to include this in the Hawaii wedding videography and wedding photography scene. This will sure be a very dynamic piece of glass to add to the arsenal. There will be more videos and photos to follow with more depth in specifics, but I just had to get this short video out.