More than a Wedding Film

Having a wedding film is a good thing, but having a wedding film that shares a powerful story is a great thing. In this video, take a journey on the love story of Sean and Theresa Brown. I always love when couples have video and/or photos of the events leading up to the wedding day. That allows a much deeper and powerful story to be shared. I know when Sean and Theresa grow old together, they will not only have this wedding film to remember their beautiful wedding day, but to also reminisce on their journey leading up to May 15, 2015. 

Further, it is always such an honor when a couple trusts our work and vision so much as to fly myself and a second cinematographer 2,000 miles to capture their wedding. As an artist, it truly is the greatest compliment because there is so much dedication and intentionality that goes into each video we create and each photo we take. When somebody notices that and trusts us to be a part of their story, it truly is an honor.